• Consultations booked and cancelled less than 24 hours before £35 charge 
  • Operations booked and cancelled less than 24 hours before £90 charge  


  • Emergency on the day appointments £65 


  • Provide all policy documents (including policy number) 
  • Complete first page of insurance forms
  • Authorise Vale Veterinary Centre to discuss policy with the insurance company 
  • Claims to pay clients are processed and submitted within 10 working days of receipt.
  • In very limited circumstances and only with management approval a direct claim may be made.  This is strictly on the basis that any excess/shortfall levied will be paid to the Practice within 5 working days from a request to do so.  In the event that the claim is rejected or paid in part and this is less than anticipated the client will be responsible for liaising with the insurer to resolve this.


  • Please ask the practice to provide any information for the day of surgery if unsure on protocol
  • Prepayment on morning of admit