When should I get my puppy neutered?

When we talk about male puppies, I recommend to wait until he is 6 months old. For the females, it depends on the breed: for small to medium breeds, the neutering may be done before the first season (which usually occurs around 6 months old); for large breeds, I would wait at least 2 months after the first season.


When should I get my puppy vaccinated?

The first vaccine should be done when your puppy is 6-8 weeks old. After that, the second vaccine will be done when the puppy is 10 weeks old, then once every year.

How often should I flea and worm my dog?

In our practice, our protocol includes 2 tablets every 4 weeks: one tablet for fleas and ticks and one tablet for worms. This is the best way to be sure that your dog is covered for everything.

If you notice fleas on your pet, you should go to the vet in order to receive a suitable product for fleas.

If you notice worms in your pet's stools, you should go to the vet in order to receive the suitable product for worms.


Can my pet be microchipped?

Yes, absolutely. We can microchip most pets from a young age.

Do I need to get my pet microchipped?

Yes, my advice is to microchip all the pets. It's really helpful (for example, in case someone steals your animal or they become lost). In fact it is the law that dogs must be microchipped from 8 weeks of age.

When should I get the kennel cough vaccine?

The kennel cough vaccine should be done before taking your dog to the kennel however the disease is not strictly related to the kennel environment and may form part of your routine preventative care regime. Most of the kennels ask for this vaccine and it's the best way to be sure that your dog is protected.