Do you have a question about the welfare of your small animal?
Here are some Frequently Asked Questions answered by Richard Williams.

When should I get my kitten neutered?

My advice is to wait until the kitten is at least 6 months old. Being 100% healthy is the main criteria, so I recommend a pre-op consultation to discuss the procedure.


When should I get my kitten vaccinated?

You kitten should be vaccinated at 9 weeks old. This is the age suitable for the first vaccine. The second vaccine has to be done after 3-4 weeks, then once every year.

What should I do if my pet has fleas?

If you notice fleas on your pet, you should go to the vet in order to receive a suitable product for fleas.

Can my pet be microchipped?

Yes, absolutely. We can microchip most pets from a young age.

Do I need to get my pet microchipped?

Yes, my advice is to microchip all the pets. It’s really helpful (for example, in case someone steals your animal or they become lost). In fact it is the law that dogs must be microchipped from 8 weeks of age.

What should I do if my pet has worms?

If you notice worms in your pet’s stools, you should go to the vet in order to receive the suitable product for worms.


If you would like further assistance on any of the questions above, or any other query, please feel free to contact one of our surgeries for more advice. 

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